Friday, March 19, 2010

When everything hangs of a database

«But it is convenient to remember that when something exists in the Cloud, however much we could enjoy it easily today, it depends on a few teams and a few institutions, public or private, to which they can allow being interested in...»

- Jose Antonio Millán comments on a few very possible Losses.

Other times join this factor to which we have commented on the porqué of the interest of many institutions deprived in impelling the computing centred on his servants. (Often her bad called cloud is not such - decentralized and redundant - but a simple web application). and they will discover how this coordinating emulation debilitates the distributed and robust structure of the network.

*** Related: these days I have read some note on music services in streaming, it is me who is ready - or not - to pay, most of those do not offer the music that I like hearing, so I do not stop thinking that nobody has asked us if we want streaming. The problem is the same on that JAMillán comments to the thread of this library on art history.

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