Sunday, March 14, 2010

Morsels of Actuality (106th)

The winter is finished and it seems that the rain finally gives us a breather, so in this sunny one (but fresh air) on Sunday and to rhythm of Fiona Apple I leave you with a new round of linkage (the hundred and sixth one) with which to revise the topics that we did not have time (or you win) of commenting more extensively in the blog.

  • Blogpocket comments on the umpteenth of not guilty judgment for accused to violate the LPI by means of p2p. Gonzalo Martín also speaks about it.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation has had access to the tyrannical agreement of license that Apple imposes on the developers who make use of his App Store.
  • Alkar in Genbeta in an acertadísimo comment about the declarations of Google and the web censoring in Spain: would not it cost them any more to do anything of self-criticism?
  • With what preposition would you describe your relation with the company where you work? Julen reflects on it.
  • Samuel Parra and the safety mistake of the State Service of Employment that, for months, has left to the overdraft personal information deprived of million persons. Terrible.
  • Security by Default and the United Kingdom prohibiting the wifis without password. A direct attack to coffees, cibers, restaurants... I imagine that that also does impossibly the public wifis, like that it was fined in Malaga a few days ago.
  • Right to strike or right to see a football match? Some people lose the north with the soccer, as tells us Vallesin.
  • RinzeWind and the century of the business zombies.
  • The people think of emigrating again and he will have them to suffer in his countries I destine hard laws as that they helped to impose here. Poetical justice, as Eva comments in: Who watches observer?
  • Schneier shows another form more to eliminate the anonymity in social networks.
  • Arturo Quirantes and a criticism of Public: when they call it to the censoring a responsibility.
  • Thanks to fernand0 I come to this interesting summary what happens when you visit a web.
  • Mozilla throws the campaign Open to Choice, to tell that there are more options than Internet Explorer and Chrome when a navigator wants to settle.
  • Vallesin and the prevailing fanboy ismo in the Ubuntu-es forums.

And this is quite for the time being. Tomorrow more and better on the everlasting topics.

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