Thursday, March 11, 2010

News plows bad news

«I believe that there has not been emphasized how sufficient this recession is the first on line so that the news newspapers in role have to exaggerate to keep on selling. Villain!»

- Juan Urrutia, economist and a little of everything, in his blog.

They know already, if the newspapers still read, take the news with a precaution pinch.

What is the thing, clearly, joke? True. What when the thing improves the means will news keep on exaggerating? True. The aphorism says it: "news is the bad news». Also, while they could keep on repeating that there is crisis they will be able to beg the State that limits moreover the right to appointment, or that gives them economic compensations for some motive that, good..., already will be invented. Something still will occur to them.

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