Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The RECORD, once again

It was in July, 2008, almost two years ago, the first time that I spoke in the commerce Agreement anti falsification (RECORD, for his acronym in English) of the one that lately speaks the whole world. In due time, unfortunately, we speak very few about it. A few months later, in February, 2009, already a draft filtered and there yes there was more echo on this matter.

After that one the topic died a little. And a lot of time it has happened without in the blogs one speaking about this, even does relatively little. I have not spoken myself much of the matter, although it is true that I comment on few intellectual property matters lately. I do not like thinking it, but sometimes I do it and believe that this is a victory of the villains, which in the long-distance racing of transformation of the digital society the detractors finish with exhausting and making exhausted.

I speak less intellectual property and of the restrictive laws that make us because every time I am more partial not so much of being opposed to this type of laws (something that we will keep on doing, obviously) but of doing campaign in favor of the free contents. Now I explain myself.

They are going to forgive to me the defeatism, tomorrow I will repent perhaps of this phrase: but to think that facing frontalmente we are going to achieve that the State does a law to his against es somewhat ingenuously. They have all the force of the system and they will squash us, they are squashing us. The system produces what he needs. And if that includes laws that contradict feeling and asking for express of the population, this way be. In this matter the opposition than these laws cannot be bigger and the State (the States, so much it gives me that it does not matter to me) ignores to the citizenship repeatedly. The RECORD, also, the United States promote it, and we already know how they spend them in these matters.

So when there has filtered the chapter dedicated to Internet of this new global DMCA (see the FAQ of EDRi) no comment seems less appropriate than of making to think that the RECORD is something new to me. It is the same old history of last decade: the States trying to put preserve to the network to cripple it and this way to return the system to a situation that supports his current power. Even with this name it is not anything new, let's remember that it goes already for two years since we knew of him.

No. The solution is to promote the creation of free contents, as expressed Andrés of clear and direct form in a comment in the same blog. The doubt that I have is the same that we had then: will our generation be at a height of the possibilities that we have been?

At this point it turns out to be already clear: the machinery of the State is going to devastate the freedom in Internet and the only possibility happens for a pacific and voluntary overthrow of the system: they will do more and more strict laws and we will publish everything with free license and will do return to the procomĂșn. Only this way, only this way it will be possible. Only this way and with a neutral network, but this is a history for another post. (We do not lack raw material).

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