Friday, March 19, 2010

Today the law of sustainable economy is approved

Today there is approved the Law of Sustainable Economy that will take the intellectual property before the National Hearing, also well-known like The law to pay to those who support us, that unleashed a rapid, forceful and exciting answer as a result to the popular opposition to the law.

I have seen it in 20minutos thanks to the friends tetraƩdricos, that do not lower the custody.

It has grace that one of the most unpopular laws and against that the civil opposition has been clearer and determined is proceeded exactly in a weekend in which half of the country is of bridge. The lacks of transparence and the trickery of the executive hiding these things between the holidays and the bulging operation (that safely will take the holders) seems terrible to me.

There is the one who refers to this reform as Law Sinde, but the current culture minister has promoted so many unpopular and unjust laws that I doubt which there would be necessary to call law Sinde - unless we add an ordinal one to the tail.

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