Friday, March 12, 2010

The plans of the Spanish presidency

What plans does the Spanish presidency of the EU have for Internet and the telecommunications? Christian Engström, representative of the Divided Pirate in the eurocamera, account in his blog what it could get out of a conversation with Francisco Ros, Secretary of the State of Telecommunications and for the Information society from 2004. The title of the post says everything: "The war declares the Spanish presidency of the EU to the reality».

Worrying: cheap verbiage («the tic parriba, the tic pabajo»), laws to educate the children to respect the intellectual property in the way in which the State understands it and then... not at all. Only that: then not at all. For some motive while he was reading this post I have remembered the Malaga Valley, this technological managerial revolution commanded for: enterprising young people to whom to they give facility to mount his company? Skylight that not: commanded by a politicians' heap from the past with photo desire, bottled in suits and presided by Javier Cremades.

That the secretary of the state for the telecommunications does not redden on having expressed in public his intentions for with the network (what devils is that thing about to achieve that the network learns to forget?) (nothing) of the organization makes to wait for very little for the one that it represents.

And in fact there is nothing new here, I still wonder that porqué I write this post if it is a known thing that this is what it spends when to das to someone a charge that exceeds his formation and, especially, his comprehension and his interest. In 2010, the secretary of the state for telecommunications has blog corporately, neither personal web nor nothing at all. I imagine that it does not even come his to the mind to know a little more closely how there works this network whom he wants to teach to forget and respect obsolete ideas.

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