Thursday, March 11, 2010

An opportunity

«And I was thinking that it was already not going to have time to fulfill all my labor sleep!»

- Jesus Alonso, in an ode to Salinger that was happening for the intensive labor actuality.
(I dress in that thing about Ann Pérez)

Pull, two more years to reach your targets.

The reform will be necessary or not, I do not know the matter as to declare myself on the need. But certainly a topic is the sufficiently serious thing as so that the government had submitted the matter to public debate. But no, this government remains pawned in doing the most important reforms facing the future of obscurantist form and for the rapid route. It happened to them with the Law of sustainable economy and it has happened again to them with the reform of the pensions (for mentioning only the two most recent cases). Too many worry for the darkness in two very important matters and in an epoch in which more and more transpariencia demands the citizens and to be submitted to more alertness and more control.

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