Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It is of first of right

The fiscal advice expresses not binding report on the Law of sustainable economy. Blanca Salvatierra comments in Public:

«The Fiscal Advice, organ adviser of the general district attorney of the State, has finished his report on the draft of the Law of Sustainable Economy (THEY), which contemplates in his final disposition that a Commission of Intellectual property, of administrative character, decides on the closing web page that they connect to contents with copyright.


The Advice qualifies of "doubtful" that the protection of the intellectual property "should put itself to the same height as the rest of the protected juridical goods": the public order, the national defense, the dignity of the person and the protection of the infancy.»

Go, it seems that I am not the only one surprised of with that the protection of the hereditary rights of any creation submitted to intellectual property will be equipped to the rest of questions of the State treated in the National Hearing.

After this authentic «ZAS, in the whole mouth» not binding, any complete leader should, at least, rethink the law. All to his positions and all calm ones. That will not happen in this reality (perhaps in parallel other one).

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