Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Morsels of Actuality (105th)

A new delivery of the Morsels of actuality. The hundred and fifth round comes cargadita from linkage (ideals for another Sunday of rain and they come from the hand of the last disc of Paradise Lost, which really has left good mouth flavor to me.

  • Maketo power, Italy and the subItalians.
  • Jero and the chatterboxes 2.0.
  • Redimensiones revises the Cuban blogosfera. How are possibilities does it have? How politicized is it?
  • The uncle Rinze mentions That the last stupidity of the Plan Advances to promote the network. The years happen and they do not understand anything. Certainly, the blog of the uncle Rinze was 6 years it does a pair of weeks: congratulations!
  • Javier Casal and the electronic ID card: publirreportajes and reality. Iván Vilata speaks on the trivial forgery (for simple) possibly with this ID card And.
  • Is Iceland gliding to create a paradise of information as those of Criptonomicón or Islands in the network? In GigaOM they comment on it.
  • Wonkapistas analyzes: really are there 1500 dead persons less for the law antitobacco? Really is it worth while hardening this law antitobacco?
  • César Alierta raised a cloud of dust with his intentions declaration for with the network, Antonio made a comment much succeeded in finding on this matter.
  • David de Ugarte did two posts to the thread of the crisis: in what does the problem reside really and what is the factor most forgotten all the possible measurements that the government might take.
  • Lieutenant Kaffee and the power of the state (or the male prostitute joke).
  • The art of the things and sighs of Spain and Portugal: of the manual how to be prepared badly (of head) to confront a thesis.
  • Who watches observer? and the zafiedad of the industrila Spanish brickworks.
  • Coming Anarchy and the uselessness of the predictions in geostrategic politics... the less, onlooker.
  • Sergio Hernando and something that we already knew: the info spilled in the caralibros is used to catalog the credit risk. We have said it thousand times: your private life will make them rich: are you going to give it to him so baratita as you are giving it to him?
  • Greek yogurt and the last farewell to Sun, which has supported so many free projects: the EU approved the acquisition for Oracle.
  • Marburradas and an ode to the sandwiches:D

A good heap of linkage, some of them speak about economy and not about privacy: but the fact is that we cannot ignore the context!, and in addition to how is the crisis solved it will depend what structure we will inherit for the future. And any social structure determines how the power is distributed...

The next week: more!

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