Saturday, March 13, 2010

HTC Magic, Vodafone and the viruses

That you buy to yourself a new phone and this one brings from house a virus almost it is a motive for demanding that they should return you the pasta that has cost you, that your new phone brings up to three troyanos it is a sufficient motive so that they dismiss to the whole department of quality control of the company that sells to you the phone.

If these days you have bought a HTC Magic to the operator Vodafone, walk you carefully because I read in SbD that the people of Panda Security have found the not one but three viruses in the phone: Conficker, a client of botnet and another virus that is in charge of stealing access passwords from Lineage. All capable ones of gathering sensitive information that exists in any computer to which the phone gets connected and that is capable of being infected.

So yes, the phone was coming completito, completito. The infection resides in the card of memory, since Windows is unable to mount the system of files of Android. It is still to see that there are many infected units or that it is something sporadic due to sabotage (pissed off employee?) or bad restoration of some repaired / resell unit. In any case, be careful there out.

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