Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The control society in 2009, and an extra ball

Another day be published That the numbers of discharges during 2009 of the books of the collection It Plants 29, in which The control society is included.

In particular, the free and free digital version of The society of control had 13597 discharges. Small smash hit! In June the discharges were 7500, so the discharges rhythm, far from drooping with the step of the innovation, has been supported across the months up to rounding a number that I would not have imagined in advance. Agreeable surprise, undoubtedly, that fills me with happiness.

Now the extra ball.

Stung already in the statistical curiosity, I felt like verifying the visits got for the blog in the same period (the year 2009). During this year 456.701 only absolute visitors went to stop to these pages, happening from 33.692 only visitors in January, 2009 to 49.177 in January, 2010 (for comparing the same month, instead of comparing January against December).

And: all this what? Since the truth: not at all. I do not know how many readership it has this web route RSS because I stopped using services as Feedburner before the bad design of the hardware of Google, but I know that the majority of those who come to the web is only parachutists who come from the searchers the searcher and leave (believe) almost as soon as they come. It does not worry me by no means: I believe that here there keeps on being the same limited group of everlasting persons and that - with more or less frequency - they appear in the comments, but I love that: it is to chat with this few ones - and to see if something good was sticking me - that this blog always wrote himself.

And of way I throw the umpteenth warning: soon, perhaps very quickly, I will have more time again for the blog. Till then, posts occasional on this page and more readings recommended in my Feevy and in my blogroll [any visible good in the side bar, here to the right]. Make web tourism, which is not so expensive, to fuck :)

[Ah, and I was useful a little bit free a few days ago to remove the AdSense publi, a small step for Google, a big step for me.]

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