Friday, March 19, 2010

Today the law of sustainable economy is approved

Today there is approved the Law of Sustainable Economy that will take the intellectual property before the National Hearing, also well-known like The law to pay to those who support us, that unleashed a rapid, forceful and exciting answer as a result to the popular opposition to the law.

I have seen it in 20minutos thanks to the friends tetraédricos, that do not lower the custody.

It has grace that one of the most unpopular laws and against that the civil opposition has been clearer and determined is proceeded exactly in a weekend in which half of the country is of bridge. The lacks of transparence and the trickery of the executive hiding these things between the holidays and the bulging operation (that safely will take the holders) seems terrible to me.

There is the one who refers to this reform as Law Sinde, but the current culture minister has promoted so many unpopular and unjust laws that I doubt which there would be necessary to call law Sinde - unless we add an ordinal one to the tail.

Torrent Cold Case S07E16 One Fall online

When everything hangs of a database

«But it is convenient to remember that when something exists in the Cloud, however much we could enjoy it easily today, it depends on a few teams and a few institutions, public or private, to which they can allow being interested in...»

- Jose Antonio Millán comments on a few very possible Losses.

Other times join this factor to which we have commented on the porqué of the interest of many institutions deprived in impelling the computing centred on his servants. (Often her bad called cloud is not such - decentralized and redundant - but a simple web application). and they will discover how this coordinating emulation debilitates the distributed and robust structure of the network.

*** Related: these days I have read some note on music services in streaming, it is me who is ready - or not - to pay, most of those do not offer the music that I like hearing, so I do not stop thinking that nobody has asked us if we want streaming. The problem is the same on that JAMillán comments to the thread of this library on art history.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Real estate dependency

«It is no secret that the economy of the United States is hard joined to the real estate market neither (technology nor export/import of goods) and the last bubble has demonstrated it.»

- Tau, in a comment to the thread of the crisis in the blog of Aaron Swartz.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Morsels of Actuality (106th)

The winter is finished and it seems that the rain finally gives us a breather, so in this sunny one (but fresh air) on Sunday and to rhythm of Fiona Apple I leave you with a new round of linkage (the hundred and sixth one) with which to revise the topics that we did not have time (or you win) of commenting more extensively in the blog.

  • Blogpocket comments on the umpteenth of not guilty judgment for accused to violate the LPI by means of p2p. Gonzalo Martín also speaks about it.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation has had access to the tyrannical agreement of license that Apple imposes on the developers who make use of his App Store.
  • Alkar in Genbeta in an acertadísimo comment about the declarations of Google and the web censoring in Spain: would not it cost them any more to do anything of self-criticism?
  • With what preposition would you describe your relation with the company where you work? Julen reflects on it.
  • Samuel Parra and the safety mistake of the State Service of Employment that, for months, has left to the overdraft personal information deprived of million persons. Terrible.
  • Security by Default and the United Kingdom prohibiting the wifis without password. A direct attack to coffees, cibers, restaurants... I imagine that that also does impossibly the public wifis, like that it was fined in Malaga a few days ago.
  • Right to strike or right to see a football match? Some people lose the north with the soccer, as tells us Vallesin.
  • RinzeWind and the century of the business zombies.
  • The people think of emigrating again and he will have them to suffer in his countries I destine hard laws as that they helped to impose here. Poetical justice, as Eva comments in: Who watches observer?
  • Schneier shows another form more to eliminate the anonymity in social networks.
  • Arturo Quirantes and a criticism of Public: when they call it to the censoring a responsibility.
  • Thanks to fernand0 I come to this interesting summary what happens when you visit a web.
  • Mozilla throws the campaign Open to Choice, to tell that there are more options than Internet Explorer and Chrome when a navigator wants to settle.
  • Vallesin and the prevailing fanboy ismo in the Ubuntu-es forums.

And this is quite for the time being. Tomorrow more and better on the everlasting topics.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

HTC Magic, Vodafone and the viruses

That you buy to yourself a new phone and this one brings from house a virus almost it is a motive for demanding that they should return you the pasta that has cost you, that your new phone brings up to three troyanos it is a sufficient motive so that they dismiss to the whole department of quality control of the company that sells to you the phone.

If these days you have bought a HTC Magic to the operator Vodafone, walk you carefully because I read in SbD that the people of Panda Security have found the not one but three viruses in the phone: Conficker, a client of botnet and another virus that is in charge of stealing access passwords from Lineage. All capable ones of gathering sensitive information that exists in any computer to which the phone gets connected and that is capable of being infected.

So yes, the phone was coming completito, completito. The infection resides in the card of memory, since Windows is unable to mount the system of files of Android. It is still to see that there are many infected units or that it is something sporadic due to sabotage (pissed off employee?) or bad restoration of some repaired / resell unit. In any case, be careful there out.

Speaking in silver

«The ideological differences between the parties are exaggerated. What more it imports is to transform the system.


Perhaps between 70 and 80 % of the program of the parties is now, for saying it so, interoperable.»

- Timothy Garton Ash, speaking in silver.

Ash speaks about the United Kingdom, where the political parties are not so different as say it to be. For seventeen cents: is anybody capable of naming another place where that is happening? Perhaps it is not ruffled to think that there are alternatives and that, also in these other places that you have named for 17 cents (cheer up that the comments are opened) also it should be important to change the system to extend his possibilities, not to depend so much on the sterile change that supposes, sometimes, removing a party divided in the power to put other.

In the suitable plane

«The truly important of the Network is when it crystallizes in the physical territory. If we do not exercise our rights by means of legal actions and simply we shout, we will always be victims of the power.»

- David Bravo and Javier de la Cueva, calling to the action in the suitable place.

[(*): to the courts, to the courts, do not misinterpret them.]